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For families living in poverty, the COVID-19 crisis has intensified risks to health and survival.

Beyond the threat of the virus itself, millions of children and adults are facing dire food shortages and hunger, rising unemployment and critically overburdened health systems.

Following decades of progress in combatting malnutrition, poverty and gender inequality, the world’s most underserved and marginalized communities are at a dangerous tipping point.

They need your help.

With your generous gift today, Helen Keller Intl can reach those at greatest risk – young children, women and adolescent girls, and the elderly – with timely and cost-effective solutions:

A young child receives a dose of medicine

Lifesaving nutrition and immunity-boosting vitamins for young children in some of the world’s most neglected regions.

Hands-on training and tools for women so they can grow foods that improve household nutrition, generate income and build resilience to crisis.

A health care worker examines the eye of a patient

Sight-saving treatments for vulnerable adults so they can see clearly and expand their opportunities to earn a living.

A woman tries on eyeglass frames during an examination

Vision screenings and prescription eyeglasses for low-income seniors, homeless youth and others lacking access to basic eye care.

Help make a lifesaving difference for families struggling to survive during the COVID-19 crisis.

Together, we have an extraordinary opportunity to ensure that no one is left behind.

Learn more about our lifesaving work:

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A woman looks into a mirror while trying on eyeglass frames

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