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The COVID-19 crisis is fueling severe food shortages.

Without immediate action, the number of people facing extreme hunger worldwide is predicted to double. Women and children living in poverty in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are at greatest risk.

Thanks to valuable evidence, expertise, and strong local partners in the US, Africa, and Asia, we are meeting this crisis head-on. Implementing a rigorously tested strategy, we have already delivered so much positive — and lasting — change in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. And the work continues.

With your support, our dedicated staff can:

Scale up early detection and treatment of malnutrition in the hardest-hit communities.

Provide the farm skills and tools that families need to grow steady supplies of affordable and nutritious foods.

Deliver vitamin A supplements and fortified foods to boost the health and immunity of young children and their mothers.

Expand knowledge of the benefits of breastfeeding and other nutrition practices to improve infant and maternal health.

There is no time to waste. Your gift today can help provide practical, cost-effective solutions to families at greatest risk.

Together, we can ensure that vulnerable children and adults will survive this crisis – and move toward a healthier, more secure future.

Learn more about how we fight hunger

A young child receives a dose of vitamin A

Hunger in the Time of COVID-19: Our Lifesaving Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused ripple effects across the globe, triggering a severe hunger crisis that is affecting people with limited access to health care and healthy food.

A portrait of Salimata Coulibaly

Salimata Coulibaly is on a Mission to End Child Hunger

In northern Cote d’Ivoire, children’s nutrition is improving through our partnership with Coulibaly and her organization, Wo Pile Sanga.

A health volunteer squeezes vitamin A drops into a young boy’s mouth while wearing a mask.

Building Children’s Immune Systems in Kenya in the Time of COVID-19

For the health and safety of vulnerable children, Helen Keller Intl moved quickly to adapt life-saving vitamin A supplementation campaigns to the context of COVID-19.

Mariam Tio holds two melons in her hands

A Community Garden Grows in Zienkolo, Côte d’Ivoire

Virtually visit a fruit and vegetable garden that has flourished with the help of Helen Keller’s training and support.

Maguette Beye with a young girl who lives in a community served by a health clinic that Helen Keller supports

Looking Bravely: Keeping families in Senegal healthy during COVID-19

A Helen Keller nutrition advisor and a nurse share how coronavirus has changed the ways they help even the most remote Senegalese communities access health care and good nutrition.