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Build Your Legacy

Helen Keller overcame tremendous obstacles and helped millions of others do the same. You can join her.

Though she lost her sight and hearing as a young child, Helen learned to communicate, thanks to the help from her gifted teacher. Helen went on to break barriers. An author and advocate, she traveled the world to give hope to people facing disabilities, poverty and other inequities. Helen co-founded Helen Keller Intl to ensure that no one is deprived of the opportunity to live a healthy life and reach their true potential.  

Helen’s legacy is at work today, helping millions of children and families around the world.  

Making a legacy gift is one of the most impactful things you can do for the future.

Consider making Helen Keller a part of YOUR legacy. You could do more good in the world than you ever imagined.

Little boy kneeling holding a melon from the garden.
Include Helen Keller in your Will

Speak with your attorney about how to include Helen Keller in your existing will, or create your free legal will through our partner, FreeWill.

An African mother holding her infant son dressed in traditional clothing as they both look at the camera.
Make Helen Keller a Beneficiary

Naming Helen Keller as a beneficiary in your retirement plan, life insurance policy, or annuity creates a lasting foundation for our urgent work.

A young school student from New York City smiles as she wears her new glasses.
Give through your Donor Advised Fund

Direct your donor advised fund to give a final gift of whatever remains upon your passing to Helen Keller or another charity of choice.

Please make sure to use our full legal name and address when planning your legacy:

Legal Name: Helen Keller Intl
Address: One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York, NY 10017
Tax ID: 13-5562162

And if you have already made a legacy gift to Helen Keller, THANK YOU! Please share your plans so we can thank you properly!

Reach out to us with questions at any time: Natalie Evanson at [email protected] or 646-356-1792. 

Thank you for all you do for Helen Keller Intl. We are so glad you are here!