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Who We Are

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Helen Keller overcame tremendous obstacles to her health and wellbeing – and helped millions of others to do the same. Guided by her remarkable legacy, Helen Keller Intl partners with communities that are striving to overcome longstanding cycles of poverty. By delivering the essential building blocks of good health, sound nutrition and clear vision, we help millions of people create lasting change in their own lives. Together with a global community of supporters, we are ensuring that every person has the opportunity – as Helen did – to reach their true potential.

Our Vision

A world where no one is deprived of the opportunity to live a healthy life – and reach their true potential.

Our Values

Our work and values are grounded in equity. Working hand-in-hand with colleagues, communities, donors, and partners, Helen Keller Intl is helping to build a world where no one is left out of good health or nutrition.


Dedication to quality, best practices, accountability, and continuous learning. We combine research, evidence, and on-the-ground experience to improve lives on a large scale and for the long term.


Consistency between our words and actions. We put our best foot forward every day by helping to build more equitable systems and manage relationships, resources, and partnerships with honesty, fairness, transparency, and professionalism.


Determination to overcome obstacles, just as our co-founder, Helen Keller, did. We bravely identify problems, positively offer solutions, and work toward shaping a more optimistic future.


Demonstrated empathy for the people we serve – clients, partners, donors, and colleagues. We build on mutual respect and a deliberate focus on inclusiveness, responsiveness, and collaboration.