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It takes all of us to build a better world.

  • Health worker examining someone for trachoma.
  • Kacoara, a successful sweet potato farmer, tending to her garden.
  • Mother holding baby in Cambodia. Baby is holding a food supplement.
  • Two farmers tending to sweet potato crops.
  • Two students one with their arm around the other smile joyously wearing new glasses they received.

We live in a deeply unequal world and the headlines can be overwhelming.

Yet despite these challenges, people are incredibly resilient. 

Volunteer assists woman with large grain bowl.

Helen Keller Intl is supporting governments and communities in building resilient health and food systems. We are ensuring that even the families facing the greatest challenges have quality care and nutritious diets. It will take all of us working together to achieve these goals. You and the entire Helen Keller community have a tremendously positive impact:

The actions we take now may be our most important. 

Helen Keller said: “It cannot be unreasonable to ask of society a fair chance for all.” And like Helen, we are taking a stand against the inequities in the world by investing in evidence-based solutions that offer millions of children and their families the ability to create lasting change in their own lives.

You can ensure that children and families receive the right support at the right time.

It will take all of us to build a better world. And Helen Keller’s cost-effective solutions mean that your gift will go further, making an even bigger impact for families around the globe. 

Your gift today can do more than you ever imagined: 

$100 can provide training for 10 community healthcare heroes who will help eliminate disease in their community.

$500 can protect the vision of 15 children so that they too can invest in lives and communities to build stronger futures.

Doctors and healthcare workers check on elderly patients of successful cataracts surgeries.

$1,000 can fund 5 cataract surgeries, allowing grandparents to see their grandchildren grow strong.

$5,000 can treat 15 children for malnutrition, bringing them back from the brink and creating a second chance.

Photo of a Nepal mother and grandmother, Photo of a student wearing new glasses, Photo of a mother and child smiling, Photo of a mother in Cambodia receiving food

Choose to join us.