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A brighter future seems impossible when survival is on the line. 

Terrorism forced Hamman and his family to abandon their former life and resettle in Nigeria’s Adamawa region to start anew. With his father out of the picture, 13-year-old Hamman was the man of the house and felt responsible for the survival of his mother and four siblings.  

13-year-old Hamman standing in front of his garden.

I am the first son, and the responsibility of my family rests on my shoulders. If I don’t take care of myself and them, nobody will.

Children like Hamman are suffering from the enormous inequities in our health and food systems. 

Nearly 1 in 10 people globally live on less than $2 a day. When basic healthcare and nutrition feel far from reach, it is hard to imagine a brighter tomorrow, let alone a future. 

The right support at the right time makes all the difference

When Hamman saw women in his new village farming, he saw an opportunity to build a better future for his family and himself. With help from Helen Keller Intl, Hamman grew enough nutritious foods to feed his family and sell at the market for a profit. With his income he contributed to household expenses, while also sending himself to school, building a path out of poverty. 

You can unlock children’s futures

Happy child being held by an elderly relative while her parents smile.

The Helen Keller community is working hand-in-hand with communities around the world to strengthen health and food systems. By removing barriers to nutrition, vision, and health, we’re helping children, like Hamman, to grow up strong and discover their true potential. You can help us deliver the right support at the right time. 

Your gift today can do more than you ever imagined: 

Little girl, Sovannyta, being fed by her mother. 

Malnutrition treatment ensures children like Sovannyta survive. 

Hamman standing in front of his garden.

Farming tools and education help families like Hamman’s eat nutritiously. 

Joyce receiving a vitamin A dosage.

Vitamin A protects children like Joyce from serious illness. 

Ajanie receiving an eye screening.

Vision screening and glasses allow children like Ajanie to pursue their dreams. 

Help us empower the next generation of visionaries