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Bisallia, pictured left, is in 5th grade and has never had glasses before, but has needed them since kindergarten. When we screened her in February 2014, her vision was 20/200 in both eyes. That means she could not read any of the letters below the large “E” at the top of an eye exam chart. Through our ChildSight® program, Bisallia received prescription eyeglasses free of charge. Now, she has the fundamental tool she needs to be an active participant in her Inglewood, California classroom.

Fanny, pictured at the right receiving a refraction assessment, is in 7th grade. When our ChildSight® team screened her vision, we found that her vision was 20/100. This means that she can see at 20 feet what people with normal vision can see at 100 feet. She has been squinting to see better since 5th grade but has never had glasses before.