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For more than 17 years, Helen Keller Intl has taught women in Cambodia to grow nutritious fruits and vegetables—many of them rich in sight- and life-saving vitamin A—for their families.

Sak Roat, who participates in our Enhanced Homestead Food Production program, mastered gardening and was producing more than enough food for her whole family, so she moved on to learning a new skill—marketing. Helen Keller Intl taught her the importance of building and maintaining relationships with the wholesalers, vendors and consumers at her local market, and of learning about their tastes and needs.

All of this is in addition to the agricultural skills she learned through the program, which allow her to grow produce that is very high-quality, without holes from insects or other signs of disease. In fact, recent concern in the village about chemical pesticides has increased demand for Sak Roat’s organically-grown, pesticide-free produce.

Sak Roat is very happy with her new role as a leader in her community and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with her children, so that they, too, can lead healthy, productive lives.