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COVID-19, climate change, and conflicts have added new challenges to our already fragile healthcare and food systems, making it much harder for families to get the nutrition and health care they need.

1 in 10 people on the planet faces the worst hunger crisis in modern history. Without our action, millions of children will suffer — with bodies and brains that will not develop properly.

But there’s hope. Helen Keller Intl is delivering lifesaving solutions in these times of great inequity, with the help of our global community of supporters.

Children and families struggling with lack of healthcare and hunger around the world have a chance to realize their true potential. By providing timely diagnosis and treatment of malnutrition, and by delivering vital nutrients like vitamin A to support clear vision and strengthen immune systems, we are helping children overcome threats to their health.

In the United States, we are also working to prevent vision loss. The pandemic shuttered schools, putting our vital vision screenings on hold and disrupting provision of eyeglasses, but we’re back in action to address this need. By offering free-of-charge vision screenings and prescription eyeglasses to help children learn, together we are setting them up for future success.

Two children try on eyeglasses during a vision screening

Let us all now be brave, take action, and build hope. In the words of our co-founder, Helen Keller, together we can do so much!

With the right support, at the right time, every child can create lasting change in their own lives and unlock their potential.