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Jean Trebek is the CEO of Inside Wink, an altruistic lifestyle website dedicated to encouraging kinder living, revealing silver linings, and seeing the world’s perpetual generosity. She joined Helen Keller Intl’s Board of Trustees in December 2021. 

Jean Trebek

When Jean Trebek and her late husband, Alex, received an invitation to attend a Helen Keller Intl dinner, it seemed like fate. For years, they had shared a reverence for Helen, and Jean was at work on a monthly journaling book inspired by Helen’s life and words.  

Though the Trebeks couldn’t attend, their donation initiated a warm correspondence between Jean and CEO Kathy Spahn.  

“Kathy would send me little updates,” Jean recalled, “never pressuring me to donate, but just, ‘Here’s what we’re doing.’ And when Alex got sick, she would send emails to say, ‘Hey, just thinking of you.’ My joining Helen Keller’s board of trustees really has a lot to do with how kind and steadfast Kathy is.” 

Inspired by Helen’s optimism 

Jean notes that Helen Keller’s board is rich with scientific, educational, and corporate experience. “The diversity among all the trustees is wonderful. I have no doubt that we are going to expand our mission in the most judicious ways.” To help lead critical decision-making, Jean brings tapping into a higher source of infinite wisdom and intelligence into focus — as Helen herself did. “People are inspired by Helen’s optimism,” she said. 

When asked why Helen Keller Intl is so important right now, Jean cites the ripple effects of our work — how the attention to individual needs sets entire communities on paths to success. “When we provide eyeglasses for children, yes, we enable them to see better,” she says. “But what we’re really doing is nurturing each person, nurturing their human spirit. We don’t know exactly what the future holds for the people we serve. But we’re creating the opportunities they need.” 

Create more opportunities for more children.