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In one visit to the Tan Tuong village for bio-compost training, I met two young and brand new faces. They joined the training session attentively. I talked with them during the break, and they approached me and told me “We came here today to ask for your permission to participate in the project.”

After the training course, Mr. Quan, who owns Village Model Farm of Tan Tuong village accompanied me to visit these two households. These households belonged to Ms. Ha Thi Thien and Ms. Ha Thi Nga. According to my observations, although they owned a sizable garden, I could hardly see any vegetables aside from some pumpkin trees and morning glories in a very modest corner.

Through their neighbor, they had heard about the project activities: “This project provides instructions on how to raise children properly, how to do home gardening, how to raise chicken. We are newly pregnant, we want to gain this knowledge.”

It was inspiring that they were willing to participate in the project activities without any project support, and had asked for approval to participate in training related to raising children and home gardening.

Enhanced Homestead Food Production Program (EHFP) has been implemented in Son La Province, Vietnam since October 2014, and this seems to be a good sight of spillover effect.