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Thanksgiving is a call to reflect on gratitude and community. Here at Helen Keller International, we are ever grateful for the legacy and example of our co-founder, Helen Keller. A constant source of motivation and belief in human potential, Helen’s values and achievements continue to bring hope and opportunity to countless people: her life is a powerful testament to the transformative power of giving.

We also are deeply thankful to be part of an organization that in all its work strives to keep Helen Keller’s legacy alive and strong through the dedication of our teams of experts in the U.S. and 20 other countries worldwide. The talent and commitment of our colleagues and partners never fails to inspire us.

Among these blessings, above all, we are gratified the most by the goodwill and generosity of donors and friends. In the past year, their generosity helped us to reach countless vulnerable kids and their families to prevent blindness and vision loss, treat debilitating diseases, and nourish at-risk children and mothers. The care and compassion of our community of supporters enables us to be where we are most needed and to empower entire communities to thrive.

To all of HKI’s supporters, we send a simple, heartfelt message: HKI’s lifechanging work possible would not be possible without you. As Helen Keller herself wrote, “My joys and sorrows are bound up indissolubly with the joys and sorrows of my fellowmen, and I feel far more blessed to see them receiving new opportunities, better tools with which to do their work, than I could feel if I received more for myself.”

Thank you for giving.

All of Us at Helen Keller International