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A health worker squeezes a dose of Vitamin A into a small child's mouth
What We Do

COVID-19: Safeguarding Vulnerable Families

The global pandemic has touched nearly every community in the world.

For millions of families living in poverty, the crisis has brought with it not just the virus itself, but a series of ripple effects, including severe food shortages, reduced income and limited access to health care.

Helen Keller Intl staff are at work in hard-hit communities in Africa, Asia and the United States, confronting the imminent dangers posed by the pandemic — including a mounting hunger crisis — as we maintain the essential services critical to lifelong health and wellbeing.

As a global pandemic endangered the world’s most vulnerable people, we responded swiftly, with a science-based strategy to address the far-reaching ripple effects of COVID-19, including rising poverty and extreme hunger.

With your support, we are:

Mariam Tio holds two melons in her hands

Providing farm tools and training so families can grow their own nutritious and affordable food.

A health worker squeezes a dose of Vitamin A into a small child's mouth

Delivering vitamin A and other nutrients essential for children’s health and immunity.

Maguette Beye with a young girl who lives in a community served by a health clinic that Helen Keller supports

Ensuring early screening and treatment for malnutrition and hunger.

Tonya Suer smiling, stands next to a student wearing glasses from Helen Keller

Offering vision care crucial to success in school and in life.

A mother feeding her small child

Donate now to provide vulnerable families around the world with the essential resources and information they need to protect themselves in the face of crisis – and beyond.