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Every day, members of the Helen Keller Intl community are choosing to be forces for good. Community health heroes, entrepreneurs, parents, youth, and Helen Keller staff work tirelessly to help improve health, nutrition, and vision for people in their communities, countries, and around the world. We’re highlighting some of the incredible contributions made by members of our community this year.

  • A Sierra Leonean nurse sits next to a mother holding a baby. The nurse points to a chart about complementary feeding.
  • A teenager from Bangladesh shows off a gold medal hanging around her neck. She is standing outside with greenery behind her.
  • A man sits across from a female health worker outside of a building. The man is writing in a notebook.
  • A young boy holds up a pair of glasses. There is a tray with many different styles of glasses on the table in front of him.
  • A Burkinabe woman kneels while tending to rows of plants.
  • A Nepalese man and two Nepalese women hold up signs about protecting parents and babies by keeping marketing out of healthcare facilities.
  • Five young men from Sierra Leone hold up bags of bread and rolls.

Read their stories to learn more:

  1. Nurse Aminata Conteh and her colleagues improve the health of mothers and children.
  2. Mollika Biswas provides farming training to her community.
  3. Benoit Dembélé helps prevent and treat neglected tropical diseases.
  4.  Whitney Arnold helps kindergartener gain clear vision.
  5. Kacoara Dahourou inspires other women entrepreneurs.
  6. Nisha Sharma conducts research to improve public policy and programming for mothers and babies.
  7. Thaimu Banugura bakes nutritious bread and trains others to do the same.
Smiling mother holds her baby.

Help people create lasting change in their own lives.