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Meet Alvin, a bright student known for his great smile. He lives with his family in Montebello, California, near East Los Angeles.

He was first diagnosed with nearsightedness in fifth grade after a screening by Helen Keller International and received his first pair of prescription eyeglasses through the program.

Five years later as a high school sophomore, Alvin was still wearing those same glasses. They were now far too small for his face and his prescription desperately needed to be updated.

“During the last school year, I really noticed my vision starting to fail again,” he said. “I had to ask my teachers if I could sit at the front of class just so I could see the board.”

Alvin’s parents couldn’t afford the cost of an exam and a new pair of glasses. Helen Keller had returned to his school several times in the years since he got his first pair, but he had missed those screening days. So he was forced to make do with the old glasses.

Finally, last fall Alvin learned Helen Keller would be returning to his school. This time, he made sure he would be there for the screening.

Sure enough, the Helen Keller optometrist confirmed that his prescription needed to be updated. In addition, Alvin also got to pick out some stylish new frames that were a much better fit.

Today, Alvin can choose where he wants to sit in class, and he has renewed confidence and clear vision with glasses he loves.

“With my new glasses, I can already notice the difference.”