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I remember the four hour interview I had to go through to get my position in the Finance and Admin office, but I must say it was truly worth every second. Working for Helen Keller Intl in the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa regional office has been an escalation of both personal growth and work experience. It feels like just the other day I was involved in opening this office and now I was very recently involved in opening the Kenya country program. I feel honored to have seen and be a part of Helen Keller ESCA’s first steps when we first started operations in Kenya back in 2011.

Financial management and achievement of project goals go hand in hand. Being in charge of Finance and Operations, I get to be part of a bigger team by ensuring we get the proper value for the money we put in to all the project activities that we undertake in the field. Being a part of an organization that brings change to this world through saving the lives of both the young and old through the programs that we implement brings me so much joy.

Helen Keller has literally given me wings to fly. When I was younger I always dreamt of boarding a plane and flying to the land of “milk and honey,” a common term we would use to refer to the USA. I would fantasize about walking through Times Square, and earlier this year my dream became a reality when I was selected to be part of the KellerNet management team. I flew from Nairobi to New York to attend the Microsoft shared point training program. Helen Keller has opened doors that I never even knew existed. 

The past four years have been some of the best years of my life. Helen Keller has given me confidence to believe in myself and whatever I do. I have learned to take mistakes as lessons and not as regrets, and that experience is yesterday’s answer to today’s problem.