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Recently, Sarah Bouchie sat down with Charlene Giannetti, editor of Woman Around Town, to discuss how Sarah’s childhood, education, and work experiences prepared her for her role as Helen Keller Intl’s President and CEO.  

In her interview, Sarah speaks about what sparked her interest in international development and her career path and her long-time admiration for Helen Keller’s work and contributions to health and nutrition. “I knew its reputation for strong evidence based, consistent work because I had worked in the early childhood space for so long,” Sarah says. “The work that Helen Keller does around nutrition, it’s field building, it’s leading in our sector.

Speaking about her first few months as President and CEO, Sarah notes that she has dedicated significant time to meeting with staff, partners, and the people we serve to better understand the organization’s work and impact. One of those people was eight-year-old Jamal, who received his first pair of eyeglasses through Helen Keller’s school-based vision work. “I knew that Jamal’s life was different after that day,” she says. “He went from not being able to see the blackboard to seeing the blackboard in front of my eyes.”

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