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The organizing framework for HKI’s strategy to improve maternal, infant and young child nutrition is the Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA) framework which has been implemented in Africa, Asia and Latin America by many different field groups addressing the problems of malnutrition in low resource settings. The ENA framework provides an operational approach for advocacy, planning, training and delivery of an integrated package of interventions to reach the high coverage (>90%) needed to achieve public health impact. As such, partners are now promoting the framework to support the realization of scaling up nutrition objectives on the ground.

These training materials were developed through a joint effort by Helen Keller International and JSI Research & Training Institute Incorporated, with more recent up-dates and revisions supported by the United States Agency for International Development’s CORE Group and the Food-for-Peace Technical and Operational Performance Support (TOPS) Project. The most recent 2015 update of the training tools includes ‘essential hygiene actions’ (EHA) and gives attention to water, sanitation and hygiene actions, suggests homestead food production activities to improve access to nutrient rich foods, and provides practical exercises for negotiating with mothers and their families for behavior change.

A summary overview of the ENA/EHA framework is described in Understanding the Essential Nutrition Actions and Essential Hygiene Actions Framework (2015) [Français].

The latest ENA-EHA framework tools are available below in English and French.