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August 2020

To our supporters and friends,

On July 16, 2020, we learned that our fundraising database vendor Blackbaud, Inc. had experienced a cyberattack on its systems in May and that data relating to the supporters of many non-profit organizations, including Helen Keller Intl, was affected.

We deeply appreciate you and the other members of our community. We realize that when you support Helen Keller Intl, you are entrusting us to help millions of people in need; you are also entrusting us with your personal information. So it is with the greatest concern that we let you know your information may have been affected during this cyberattack.

Our understanding is that no credit card numbers, banking information, or social security numbers were compromised as a part of this attack; Blackbaud also assures us that this is the case. However, information that may have been compromised includes names, home addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers.

We are doing everything we can to address this breach and to ensure that Blackbaud takes all necessary steps to prevent any future vulnerabilities. We are working with Blackbaud to determine exactly which data were obtained, and we have sought legal counsel to assist in obtaining additional details from Blackbaud so that we gain a full understanding of the scope of this incident.

Please contact us at [email protected] or 1-877-KELLER4 (1-877-535-5374) if you have any questions. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up here to receive updates on this matter and others via email. You may also find out more about the Blackbaud, Inc. incident by visiting their website:

Thank you so much for your belief in Helen Keller Intl and for your committed support of millions of vulnerable families around the world. Moreover, thank you for standing with us during these extraordinary and historic times.


Susan Kotcher's Signature

Susan Kotcher
Vice President, External Relations

Catherine Ewald
Associate Vice President, External Relations