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Impaired vision can cause long-lasting challenges for children and adults throughout their lives.

In childhood, poor vision will make it more difficult for a student to fully engage in the classroom and with her peers, putting her education at risk. This can start a downward spiral, especially for a child already experiencing poverty.

As she grows up, uncorrected vision becomes a barrier to finding a job and earning an income, which may trap her in a cycle of poverty affecting multiple generations.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ninety percent of all vision loss is preventable or treatable. Protecting a child’s vision can make all the difference in the trajectory of her life. Helen Keller Intl partners with communities around the world to expand access to high-quality vision care, prevent and treat diseases that impact vision, and improve nutrition to protect eyesight and prevent vision loss.

Watch our video to learn how the right support at the right time can help a child see a brighter future and allow her to discover her true potential.

Help ensure every child sees possibilities.