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COVID-19 has caused a sharp escalation in rates of hunger around the world, deepening disruptions to already fragile food and healthcare systems.

Millions of families are struggling to find nutritious foods and basic healthcare.

As poverty and hunger surge, decades of global progress are being reversed, bringing many children and families to the brink of famine.

The long-term effects of this crisis will put an entire generation at risk and deprive countless children of their true potential. But with urgent action, we can help families build resilience and protect their own health.

The Helen Keller Intl community is more important than ever.

Helen Keller believed in making sure all people, regardless of circumstances, have the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives, and she dedicated her life to overcoming inequity. Today, we are working together to build on Helen’s legacy of empowering individuals and entire communities to create positive and lasting change for themselves.

Compassion takes courage. Our global community of supporters is already making a difference. But your help is needed. Will you be courageous with us?

Your gift today can help ensure the right support at the right time:

Vital nutrients like vitamin A protect sight and build healthy immune systems.

Vision screenings and prescription glasses help students succeed in school and life.

Life-saving treatment prevent vision loss and eliminate debilitating diseases.

Timely diagnosis and treatment for malnutrition save lives.

“I believe the welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all.”

Read about our Hunger Strategy here.